Table of Contents


PART  I - Skepticism About the Supernatural Reconsidered Chapter One - Is There Extra Sensory Perception?

Chapter Two - Have Extra-Terrestrials Visited the Earth

Chapter Three - Is There Life After Death? 

PART  II - Belief in a Good God

Chapter Four - Is Natural Order Due to a Higher Intelligence?

Chapter Five - Is Life on Earth Evidence of a Benevolent Creator

Chapter Six - Are We Responsible for Doing Evil? 

PART III - Traditional Religions Reconsidered

Chapter Seven - What Are the Problems With Buddhism?

Chapter Eight - What Are the Problems with Hinduism?

Chapter Nine - What Are the Problems With Judaism and Islam?

Chapter Ten - What Are the

Problems With Christianity?

PART IV - Piecing Together the Cosmic Puzzle

Chapter Eleven - Drawing Some Conclusions

Chapter Twelve - An Alternative Religious History

Chapter Thirteen - A Path of Inspired Insight

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